About Giraffe

Streamlining recruitment through mobile

Giraffe is a fully-automated mobile recruitment agency service that enables businesses to recruit medium-skilled workers faster and cheaper than any other recruitment agency or employment service.

We understand that, whilst there is no shortage of jobseekers, businesses struggle to recruit the right workers, and rely on word of mouth or expensive recruitment agencies to find candidates. This takes time and costs money- making recruitment a real pain point for many businesses. Similarly, jobseekers struggle to find jobs because they do not have access or visibility to job opportunities- and therefore also rely on word of mouth, recruitment agencies or labour brokers.

Giraffe aims to streamline the recruitment process for both businesses and jobseekers by enabling jobseekers to create a simple CV using their cellphone- for FREE. Businesses can submit their staff requirements online at www.giraffe.co.za and Giraffe’s recruitment algorithm will automatically identify the most suitable candidates from our base of more than one hundred thousand of ID-verified, screened candidate CVs.

Giraffe’s system then contacts candidates and even arranges interviews. Because Giraffe has automated the entire recruitment process- from sourcing to screening to contacting to interview-scheduling, Giraffe is more than 10x cheaper and 10x faster than any other recruitment agency or employment service- giving you candidates in less than 48 hours.

Giraffe also offers background checks like any other recruitment agency- including criminal checks, credit checks, education checks and reference checks- so you know you’re recruiting someone reliable.

Giraffe is currently offering low-cost recruitment agency services in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and will be expanding to the rest of South Africa soon.

Giraffe's low-cost recruitment agency offering caters only for medium-skilled jobs- including call centre agents, retail cashiers, retail store assistants, restaurant and hospitality staff, factory workers, drivers, junior admin roles and entry level accounts/bookkeepers.

Whatever your recruitment needs, Giraffe is the fastest, cheapest way to recruit the right person for the job.

Our Vision

Increasing employment in South Africa by streamlining recruitment

Our vision is to help increasing employment in South Africa. Joblessness is the single biggest issue in the country. It is the root cause of many other social ills- inequality, crime, ill health and family stability.

Although there are many structural reasons why unemployment is so high, recruitment remains a pain point for businesses and jobseekers alike. By streamlining the entire recruitment process, Giraffe makes recruitment faster and cheaper for businesses and jobseekers alike.

Our mission is to empower jobseekers with better access to job opportunities, and employers with the ability to recruit the best possible candidates. Quickly, easily and cheaper than any other recruitment agency service.