Tech start-up Giraffe reports strong uptake of its recruitment service in Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG, 23 April 2015

Mobile recruitment agency service Giraffe shows promising results in Gauteng pilot


The recent wave of anti-immigrant attacks in South Africa can be attributed mainly to high unemployment and a failure to address growing inequality, according to analysts.


“People are frustrated,” said Braam Hanekom, director of Passop, a non-profit organisation that fights poverty and oppression. “It’s hard to fight for jobs. It’s much easier to find a soft target to express your frustrations, and foreign nationals are the soft target that frustrated communities have chosen to pick on.”


Tech start-up Giraffe’s new mobile recruitment platform aims to address some of these issues by enabling South African jobseekers to get better access to job opportunities and helping employers recruit the most suitable staff quickly and at extremely low cost.

Having launched their beta recruitment application in Gauteng at the end of January 2015, Giraffe has seen strong uptake of the platform by both medium-skilled jobseekers and employers. The company reports nearly ten thousand jobseeker registrations in the first two months of launch, with minimal marketing, and has sent job opportunities to over a thousand jobseekers.


“We’re happy with progress so far, and we’re only just getting warmed up,” said Shafin Anwarsha, Head of Product at Giraffe. “Feedback from both jobseekers and employers has been very positive.”


Giraffe’s simple mobile app- which works on any cellphone- helps jobseekers to create a CV anytime, anywhere. When asked about his experience with Giraffe, jobseeker Celumusa Masuku said “I had been looking for a job for many months before I heard about Giraffe and decided to try it. It was so easy to make my CV on my cellphone, and I was excited when I got invited for interview by SMS.” Masuku succeeded in securing a job as an IT support technician.


Employers can use Giraffe to recruit staff by submitting a simple request on Giraffe automatically takes their staff requirements, identifies suitable candidates and schedules interviews as soon as 48 hours after the request is submitted. “Giraffe was able to give me 30 qualified and experienced candidates when I needed them,” said Sonett de Bruyn, HR director at a Spar supermarket franchise, adding that “the quick turnaround time was particularly impressive.”


Giraffe now plans to ramp up its recruitment service in Gauteng before expanding to the rest of South Africa later this year.


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