Giraffe’s mobile recruitment service is now completely FREE for jobseekers to register

JOHANNESBURG, 19 June 2015


Since launching its recruitment service in Johannesburg in January 2015, mobile tech startup Giraffe has acquired over fifteen thousand candidates- with work experience in a range of sectors including retail, hospitality, security, call centre and admin.


However until now, Giraffe’s jobseeker mobile app required candidates to send two SMSs to register, which implied a registration cost of R4. Whilst this is a relatively small amount, it did deter some candidates from applying, especially given the numerous unscrupulous scammers, agents and brokers that promise jobseekers opportunities in exchange for cash upfront.


To address this, Giraffe has launched a new, improved jobseeker mobile app that is COMPLETELY FREE for candidates to register.


Jobseekers can simply visit on their cellphone. After entering their name, ID and mobile number, Giraffe sends a unique PIN code to their cellphone, which enables them to create their CV without spending ANY airtime.


“The new jobseeker app has seen amazing traction,” asserted Shafin Anwarsha, Head of Product at Giraffe. “Jobseekers in Johannesburg can now register for Giraffe’s recruitment service without spending any cash or airtime. The results have been extremely impressive- with the growth rate in acquisitions increasing by a factor of five since launch.”


This is good news for employers, since as Giraffe’s network of experienced candidates grows, they will have a larger number of high quality candidates from which to recruit. Giraffe has already placed hundreds of candidates into employment since February 2015.


To find out more visit or email

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