New research by McKinsey highlights the importance of digital recruitment platforms in reducing unemployment in South Africa

Johannesburg, 30 June 2015


A recent report by McKinsey- Connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age– highlights the inefficiency in the global labour market and existing recruitment landscape, and the significant opportunity that digital recruitment platforms like Giraffe have to increase efficiency and reduce unemployment.


The analysis shows that online talent platforms could add $2.7 trillion, or 2 percent, to global GDP by 2025, while increasing employment by 72 million full-time-equivalent positions. The report states that up to 540 million people could benefit from online talent platforms by 2025, with as many as 230 million finding new jobs more quickly, reducing the duration of unemployment.


Furthermore, the research shows that South Africa is one of the countries that could benefit the most from digital recruitment services, given the persistently high unemployment rate and lack of visibility that jobseekers have to opportunities in the country.


According to McKinsey, digital recruitment platforms could enable over 860 thousand South Africans to get a job, and increase South Africa’s GDP by USD 20 billion- primarily by increasing participation in the labour market and reducing the time taken for businesses to recruit staff.


Giraffe, a new digital recruitment service in Johannesburg that uses mobile technology to enable businesses to recruit staff quickly and easily, is fully aligned with this aspiration. The recruitment company aims to help over 250 thousand South Africans to get a job in the next four to five years. Giraffe’s recruitment service focuses on medium skilled jobs such as cashiers, admin staff, call centre agents and industrial workers– the segments where unemployment is highest and access to opportunities is extremely limited.


Since launching its FREE pilot recruitment service in Johannesburg only a few months ago, Giraffe has already sent job opportunities to over 2,000 South Africans- many of whom have never been invited for interview before.

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