South Africa formal unemployment rises again

Unemployment in South Africa has risen again, according to a recent report by StatsSA, driven primarily by job losses in the Government and Construction sectors

SA jobs 2015

The total number of jobs in the formal, non-agricultural segment fell by 161 thousand during the period June 2014 to June 2015. Nearly 80% of the loss was in the Government sector, with another 13% contributed by the construction industry.


Although both the business services and retail & trade industries saw a net increase in jobs, this was not sufficient to offset the significant decline in other sectors. The business services and retail & trade industries created a total of 20 thousand over this period.


The net job loss is reported amidst broader concern about the SA economy, which saw a contraction in GDP in Q2 and the rand reaching a 14 year low against the dollar.


The increase in jobs in the retail and business service sectors indicates that these sectors continue to exhibit strength and may constitute drivers of job creation in the future. Businesses in these verticals should continue to support growth by ensuring they have sufficient talent in place and have the right recruitment processes and tools to support this in a cost-effective manner.


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