Giraffe partners with free-WiFi provider Project Isizwe to help jobseekers in Pretoria

Project Isizwe, the non-profit, free WiFi provider has made significant traction since launching in 2013. Last month, Isizwe hit a milestone of one million unique devices connecting to its network in the City of Tshwane, where it offers free WiFi services in public spaces, primarily to young, low-income communities.


Today, Giraffe is pleased to announce a partnership with Project Isizwe, whereby jobseekers using Isizwe’s web portal in the City of Tshwane will be able to access Giraffe’s jobseeker page- COMPLETELY FREE, without needing to pay for data.


To access Giraffe’s free recruitment service, jobseekers can simply log on to Isizwe’s WiFi network, visit and click on the WIFI JOBS link. Alternatively jobseekers can go directly to whilst on Isizwe’s WiFi network. Jobseekers can then create a CV on their mobile device, and Giraffe will SMS them job interviews- for FREE.


“Project Isizwe is a great initiative,” exclaimed Shafin Anwarsha, Head of Product at Giraffe adding, “by offering free WiFi to disadvantaged communities, Isizwe is providing access to information, education and job opportunities- all of which are desperately needed. Giraffe is delighted to support Project Isizwe and hopes to help thousands of jobseekers find work in Pretoria and the broader Gauteng area.”


Giraffe, the mobile recruitment agency service, has job opportunities across Gauteng- in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Since launching its free recruitment services early 2015, Giraffe has invited over 8,000 jobseekers for interview and placed candidates with hundreds of employers. Giraffe is the fastest, cheapest way for businesses to to recruit medium skilled workers in South Africa- focusing on retail, hospitality, restaurants, call centre and admin jobs. Giraffe’s recruitment services are currently available to businesses in Johannesburg and Pretoria, and Giraffe plans to expand to the rest of South Africa next year.

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