Giraffe launches new matching algorithm to enable businesses to recruit the most suitable candidates

New algorithm considers previous interview performance as well as candidate education, work experience and distance from workplace


This week Giraffe launched a new, improved version of its candidate selection algorithm which can automatically identify and select candidates based not only on CV items such as education and work experience but also job seeker preferences such as job preferences and location. Importantly, the new version of the algorithm takes previous interview attendance and interview performance into consideration.


This means that Giraffe’s candidate selection mechanism is even more powerful and accurate than before, giving businesses even more suitable candidates within 48 hours of request.


“We’re launching the new algorithm so that we can select candidates with better accuracy and much faster than before,” asserted Shafin Anwarsha, Giraffe’s Head of Product, propounding that, “This means we will be able to match jobseekers with the jobs they have experience and interest in doing, and find the best possible candidates for businesses to recruit.”


Giraffe also hit 70 thousand registrations this week, after being operational for only 10 months. Since launching its fully-automated mobile recruitment agency service in Johannesburg, Pretoria and the wider Gauteng area in February 2015, Giraffe has invited over 8,000 jobseekers for interview and helped hundreds of businesses recruit suitable workers.


To accommodate its rapid growth and accelerate the development of its platform, Giraffe is now expanding the team- currently hiring software developers- specifically to help evolve the algorithm, incorporating AI elements such as machine learning.


Giraffe is the fastest, cheapest way for businesses to to recruit medium skilled workers in South Africa- focusing on retail, hospitality, manufacturing, security, call centre and admin jobs.

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