Giraffe launches its low-cost recruitment agency service in Cape Town and Durban

Giraffe- the mobile recruitment app- launches its low-cost recruitment agency service in Cape Town and Durban today.


Giraffe’s free mobile recruitment app enables medium-skilled jobseekers to create a CV on their cellphone (doesn’t have to be a smartphone). Employers wishing to recruit medium-skilled workers can submit a simple staff request on Giraffe’s website-, and Giraffe’s intelligent matching algorithm automatically identifies suitable candidates and sends them an SMS with details of the job opportunity. Giraffe then automatically schedules interviews for the employer as soon as 48 hours after receiving the request.


After launching in Gauteng in early 2015, Giraffe has attracted over 100 thousand medium-skilled jobseekers, invited over 25 thousand of them for interviews and placed candidates with hundreds of businesses, in industries including call centre, retail, admin and transport.


Having gained significant traction in Gauteng, and due to popular demand from both existing and prospective customers, Giraffe’s low-cost recruitment services will now be available in Cape Town and Durban- with immediate effect.


Giraffe has also launched its new web-reply feature, whereby jobseekers no longer need to send an SMS to interact with employers. Instead, they can click on a simple link to confirm interest in a job, meaning they no longer need airtime to use the app, only data. This reduces the barrier to finding a job even further.


“Our recruitment platform has reached a level of maturity such that we feel we are ready to expand to other key metro areas in South Africa,” remarked Shafin Anwarsha, Giraffe’s Head of Product. “This is consistent with our aspiration to ensure that every South African that wants a job should at least be given the chance to go for an interview.”


Giraffe’s expansion of its low-cost recruitment agency services to Cape Town and Durban follows closure of a funding round led by prominent Silicon Valley VC Omidyar Network, established by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar as well as a partnership with Facebook’s Free Basics initiative.

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