Giraffe partners with Vodacom to enable jobseekers to use its mobile recruitment service for FREE

Giraffe is pleased to announce today a partnership with Vodacom- South Africa’s leading mobile operator- that enables jobseekers on the Vodacom network to use Giraffe without spending ANY money on data.


Vodacom has zero-rated both (Giraffe’s site for employers to recruit workers) and (Giraffe’s site for jobseekers looking for work), meaning that either employers or jobseekers using a device with a Vodacom SIM card can access these websites, as well as other select online recruitment services for FREE, without spending a cent on data.


“Vodacom is South Africa’s largest mobile operator, with around half of all jobseekers using it. Partnering with Vodacom will reduce the cost of finding a job even more,” exalted Shafin Anwarsha, Head of Product at Giraffe.


Commenting on the initiative, which is part of Vodacom NXT LVL careers programme, Jorge Mendes, Vodacom chief officer for consumer sales and distribution said, “Vodacom is aiming to enable customers to access job sites without worrying about the cost and in turn make a meaningful contribution in addressing unemployment. From here onwards, job-seekers will be able to spend hours on the Internet looking for jobs free of charge.”


Since launching their low-cost recruitment agency service in South Africa in early 2015, Giraffe has attracted over 100 thousand jobseekers, invited over 30 thousand of them for interviews and helped hundreds of businesses recruit medium-skilled workers faster and cheaper than any other way.


Giraffe expanded its recruitment agency services to Cape Town and Durban last month, with thousands of jobseekers registering for the service within only a few weeks, and employers already taking advantage of South Africa’s cheapest, fastest recruitment service. Traction has been particularly strong in Cape Town, since recruitment agencies in Cape Town have traditionally focused on high-skilled jobs rather than on medium-skilled workers in which Giraffe specialises. It is therefore worthy of note that Vodacom’s penetration is disproportionately high in Cape Town, so jobseekers based in Cape Town that use Vodacom’s network will benefit considerably from the new partnership.

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