Giraffe’s low-cost recruitment service identified as one of the big things to look out for in Africa in 2017


2017 is a year that is almost certain to be a volatile and turbulent one- with the Trump presidency about to commence, the vagaries of Brexit looming and the Syrian conflict showing no signs of abating. Despite this complex backdrop of global uncertainty and change, Giraffe remains optimistic about Africa: Africa has never been stronger, more stable or with better economic and social prospects.


A key determinant of economic growth and social development in Africa is job creation. Given the current demographic dividend with which many African nations are presented, there is a unique opportunity to harness the potential of the workforce for growth. Providing jobseekers with access and visibility to opportunities, and enabling businesses to recruit staff effectively are therefore critical to unlock the potential of African economies and place them on the right developmental trajectory.


As such, Giraffe has been identified as a major enabler for job creation. According to CNN, Giraffe’s potential to reduce unemployment in South Africa (and beyond) is one of the major things to look out for in Africa in 2017.


In addition, Disrupt Africa has highlighted Giraffe as one of the top five startup developments in South Africa in 2016, affirming its position as a global champion.


Giraffe’s fully automated recruitment agency service helps businesses in call centre, retail, hospitality, admin and transport recruit staff ten times cheaper and faster than any other recruitment service. Since launching its low-cost recruitment agency services in Johannesburg in early 2015, Giraffe has attracted over 250 thousand jobseekers and helped hundreds of businesses recruit medium-skilled workers in 2016. Giraffe expanded its low-cost recruitment service in Cape Town and Durban in 2016 and plans to take the service nationwide in 2017.


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