Giraffe celebrated as one of the world’s 100 most inspiring examples of tech for good

Nominet Trust

Nominet Trust, the UK’s leading tech for good funder, has named Giraffe in the 2016 NT100 –a global celebration of this year’s 100 most inspiring social innovations using digital technology to drive social change around the world. NT100 plays a valuable role each year in inspiring those with the influence and resources to accelerate the adoption of tech for social good. It brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, NGOs, charities, technologists and others to share knowledge, experiences and skills to introduce social change on a global scale. Projects featured in the NT100 range from those determined to democratise access to quality education and healthcare, to those connecting minority communities and reducing unemployment. Following a global call for nominations earlier this year Giraffe was selected by a judging panel of tech and charity experts in recognition of its work.


Giraffe is a fully automated recruitment platform that aims to reduce unemployment in emerging markets by enabling businesses to recruit staff 10x faster and cheaper than any other way, and giving medium-skilled jobseekers access to opportunities for free- using only their cellphone. After launching their low-cost recruitment agency service in Cape Town and Durban in 2016, Giraffe had nationwide presence in South Africa, and has sent more than fifty thousand jobseekers for interview in 2016. Commenting on the award, Giraffe spokesperson Adrian Miles said, “We are truly grateful for this distinguished accolade, and for featuring alongside some of the world’s best social tech initiatives. This award validates our mission to reduce unemployment and to empower businesses to recruit staff 10x faster and 10x cheaper than any other way.”


Vicki Hearn, Director of Nominet Trust said: “In this, the fourth year of the NT100, it is truly humbling to see so many remarkable people from all walks of life embracing digital technology as a force for social good. We hope Giraffe’s well deserved inclusion in the 2016 NT100 provides a valuable stepping-stone for their inspiring example of tech for good.”


“With a bright idea, the right tech tools and a powerful desire to change the status quo, everyone has the potential to make a stand against the world’s most pressing social challenges. The NT100 seeks to champion the pioneers doing just that, in the hope that it inspires others to follow in their footsteps.”


As part of the 2016 NT100, Giraffe is standing shoulder to shoulder with other innovative ventures such as Hand Talk –a Brazilian virtual interpreter that translates between spoken languages and sign language and Mine Kafon Drone – an airborne drone for detecting and removing unexploded landmines in communities trying to rebuild after conflict. The 2016 NT100 was selected from 700 projects discovered this year through a combination of research and public nomination. Shortlisted projects were reviewed by Nominet Trust and a panel of partner organisations including: Big Lottery Fund, Cancer Research UK, Comic Relief, Nominet, Oxfam, Telefonica O2 and Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. The 2016 NT100 projects are hosted on the Social Tech Guide, the world’s largest interactive database of tech for good, which now showcases almost 1700 ventures.


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