Mobile employment startup Giraffe reaches 350,000 users, expands services nationwide

Mobile recruitment startup Giraffe has surpassed 350,000 users and is expanding its services across South Africa.


Giraffe cofounder and Head of Product Shafin Anwarsha said, “We’ve seen strong uptake from jobseekers and businesses alike- with very positive feedback on the service. By expanding into tier 2 metros and rural areas we believe we can create better access to jobs in the places where unemployment is highest and our customers really struggle to recruit staff.”


Giraffe’s automated recruitment service connects medium-skilled jobseekers (those that earn R3k-R15k per month) with job opportunities and enables businesses to hire staff rapidly and at low cost.


After launching in Johannesburg in March 2015, Giraffe grew rapidly and then expanded its low-cost recruitment agency services to Cape Town and Durban in June 2016. Giraffe is now expanding across the country due to demand, initially to other areas including Mpumalanga, rural KZN and the Eastern Cape, and then other parts of the country.


Giraffe is backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s Silicon Valley VC Omidyar Network, which led a round of seed investment in March 2016. Since then, Giraffe has seen double-digit monthly revenue growth and now plans to expand its team of developers, B2B salespeople and data analysts to keep up with demand.


Giraffe’s simple cellphone app- which doesn’t require a smartphone- enables medium-skilled jobseekers to create a CV on their cellphone for free. Giraffe then sends them jobseeking tips, skills assessments and work-readiness content, as well as job interview invitations by SMS.


Businesses looking for staff can submit a staff request on Giraffe’s website and Giraffe’s algorithm automatically identifies suitable candidates, contacts them by SMS and schedules interviews at a time and place of the employer’s choosing. Since Giraffe has automated the entire recruitment process- from sourcing and screening to contacting and scheduling, Giraffe is over ten times cheaper and faster than other recruitment services.


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