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Recruitment teams in companies that have a large number of staff in medium-skilled roles invariably face the pressure and stress that comes with recruiting high volumes of candidates on a constant basis. The never ending process of high-volume recruitment- from candidate sourcing and screening to interview scheduling and onboarding- can be a huge administrative burden on the HR team, leaving them with little time for other important activities. These challenges are particularly prevalent in industries such as call centre and field sales, where sales agents contribute directly to revenue: hiring the wrong people or taking too long to recruit the right people can have a significant negative impact on the bottom line.


Giraffe has worked with numerous organisations with high-volume recruitment needs, and in doing so we have been able to identify some effective ways to help recruiters hire large volumes of quality staff within tight timelines. Some of our clients are successfully hiring more than 100 people a month! So we understand the extensive administrative and logistical nightmares that can come with recruiting high volumes of staff on a regular basis.


Here are Giraffe’s 5 top tips for cracking high volume recruitment of medium-skilled candidates:



  1. Write specific job descriptions that attract the right candidates and deter the wrong ones


When recruiting high volumes of staff you need to have a large pool of candidates available. However, unclear job descriptions can be the cause of many hours wasted on candidates that don’t understand or meet the requirements of the role. Many candidates see vague job descriptions and apply even though they aren’t qualified or suited to the position. Increase the quality of candidates by getting straight to the point in the job description, specifying mandatory requirements like minimum qualifications and experience and be upfront about potential negative elements of the job (e.g. no basic salary, evening and weekend work).


  1. Move away from job boards and use better tools for sourcing and screening


Job boards are always an easy option to use but are they effective? Job boards may seem like the most obvious way to reach jobseekers because they have long been the only way to source candidates. However, they tend to generate many irrelevant applications to sift through. Finding the right candidates from thousands of mostly unsuitable applications is time consuming and frustrating. New recruitment technologies are available that enable customised pre-screening of candidates at high volumes. Facebook and Google have both recently launched job matching tools that have far greater reach and better screening capabilities than job boards.


  1. Use technology to screen candidates upfront


High-volume recruitment requires an efficient approach. Screening as many candidates out before interviewing face to face will save you time and hassle. Recruiters can get a sense of a candidate’s experience, qualifications and personality by having a quick telephonic interview or asking them to complete a digital screening questionnaire. Asking relevant pre-screening questions will help to avoid the frustration of scheduling face-to-face interviews with unsuitable candidates.


  1. Hold dedicated recruitment days to save time during the rest of the week


The pressure to hire high volumes of staff on a regular basis can take up all of a recruiter’s time and energy if not managed properly. Many organisations have found efficient ways to manage the recruitment process by having dedicated recruitment periods and times. For example, when recruiting large numbers of staff, having recruitment days where potential candidates can be briefed and taken through the job specification as a group can be helpful. Conducting interviews in groups or batches at one location on a dedicated day can also assist recruiters to streamline the interview process.


  1. Always look for ways to automate your high volume recruitment process


Continually find ways to automate the repetitive tasks that come with high-volume recruiting. Do not stick with outdated hiring methods that seem to work fine but could be improved. Always ask if your recruitment process could be more streamlined and less time consuming. The recruitment industry is constantly evolving with many new tools and solutions that can save you time and ensure that you are still hiring the right candidates. If the same process is repeated over and over again – there is probably a better and more efficient way to do it!


About Giraffe


Giraffe is a fully-automated digital recruitment solution that enables businesses to hire high volumes of medium-skilled workers faster and more affordably than any other recruitment method. Because Giraffe has automated the entire recruitment process – from sourcing to screening to contacting to interview-scheduling, we can provide high volumes of quality candidates in as little as 48 hours.


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