How does Giraffe help you find a job?

Find a job with Giraffe

Many of you have written to ask us how Giraffe works, so we would like to explain what Giraffe is and how it works. Here are the ten most frequently asked questions about how Giraffe helps you find a job

1. What is Giraffe?

Giraffe is a FREE service that helps you make a CV and find a job. We will NEVER ask you for money

2. How does Giraffe work and how do I make my CV?

Giraffe uses computers to match jobseekers with jobs. All our systems are automated- which means that you must make your CV on your cellphone or computer by going to

3. What happens after I make my CV?

After you have made your CV on your cellphone or computer, Giraffe will then apply to many jobs for you. As soon as a company wants to interview you, Giraffe will send you an SMS inviting you for interview. You don’t need to do anything else!

4. What kind of jobs can Giraffe help me find?

Giraffe focuses on jobs with salaries between R3,000 and R20,000 per month. This includes retail, hospitality, call centre, office/admin, junior finance roles, junior IT roles, transport, security and manufacturing

5. What qualifications do I need?

For most jobs, you will need a matric. However there are many employers willing to consider candidates without matric

6. How long will it take for Giraffe to find me a job?

It can take as little as one week or more than six months. It really depends on your location, experience and qualifications, as well as which positions companies are hiring for. There are hundreds of thousands of people registered with Giraffe and we are trying our best to help everyone. Remember, Giraffe is only ONE way you can use to find a job. You must try many ways to increase your chances as much as possible

7. Do I have to pay anything?

NO! Giraffe is COMPLETELY FREE! Giraffe is NOT an agent and we will NEVER ask you for money. Giraffe is trying to reduce unemployment in South Africa, and make it as easy as possible for jobseekers to find work. This means we do not want to charge jobseekers anything

8. How does Giraffe make money?

Businesses pay Giraffe to help them recruit staff. We only charge businesses, NEVER jobseekers

9. Which cities is Giraffe available in?

Giraffe can help you find a job in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. We are also expanding to other cities soon

10. Where are Giraffe’s offices?

Giraffe does NOT have offices where you can hand in your CV or speak with someone. Everything must be done online at

We hope this answers your questions. To ensure you get the best job offers, please keep your CV updated- go to

SMSs from Giraffe will end in the numbers ‘34345.’ If you receive an SMS from any other number, it is NOT Giraffe.

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