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Save up to 90% of your recruitment spend with Giraffe.

Recruit from just R99 per candidate!

Giraffe doesn’t charge exorbitant placement fees or commission like the traditional labour brokers and recruitment agencies, and the reason for that is simple - we’re not a labour broker or a recruitment agency! Giraffe is an automated tool to help you manage your recruitment needs with ease and do so in your own time. Giraffe empowers you to find the best people for the job without the need for expensive consultants or services.

We understand that every company has differing recruitment needs, so our pricing depends on your requirements. Contact us today to discuss pricing or to request a demo.

  • Instant access to SA’s largest database of over 700,000 candidates
  • Automated recruitment, scheduling and voice-screening. You can be in touch with candidates in 48 hours
  • Personal assistance if you have niche recruitment needs

High volume recruitment, made simple.

Contact us today to discuss pricing or to request a demo.

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