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Giraffe automatically screens your candidates so you don't have to

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Find the best candidates | Best candidate webp | Giraffe recruitment

Get access to over a million candidates

  • Giraffe has the largest and fastest-growing candidate database in South Africa

  • Jobseekers regularly update their CVs so you'll have the latest information

  • Giraffe can rapidly find and contact candidates in your area that meet your requirements

Giraffe automatically screens candidates so you don't have to

  • Unlike other job portals, Giraffe automatically creates custom screening when you post a job

  • Every candidate who applies to your post gets screened automatically- saving you tonnes of time

  • Simply log in and find the candidates who passed

Largest database of screened candidates | Candidate CV webp | Giraffe recruitment
Automated voice screening | Voice test webp | Giraffe recruitment

Listen to candidates without having to call them

  • Ask any question you'd like candidates to answer

  • Candidates submit a voice note answering your question

  • Listen to voice notes and quickly identify the best candidates

Get screened candidates, hassle-free

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High profile customers rely on Giraffe for automated high-volume recruitment
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Get screened candidates, hassle-free