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Recruitment has changed. Giraffe automatically screens hundreds of thousands of job seekers to find you the best candidates.

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Save time and money

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Find the right people for the job

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Hire committed staff

Looking for medium skilled candidates?

Our online platform has transformed the hiring process for employers seeking medium skilled candidates (employees earning less than R15k per month).

Say goodbye to hours of manually screening CVs, phoning candidates and pointless face-to-face meetings. Giraffe screens candidates automatically and connects you with only the best ones.

Recruitment reimagined

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Find them

Access South Africa’s largest database of medium-skilled candidates

Set the basic criteria to begin the recruitment process. Location, experience, education - let us know who you are looking for. Our system automatically pre-screens applicants and puts forward only the most suitable ones.

Screen them

Automated voice-screening provides further insight

You can tell a lot about someone based on how they speak. Our system calls screened candidates, plays a customised question and records a voice clip with their answer.

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Employ them

You’ve found the best candidates, now hire with confidence.

With Giraffe, there is no risk of interviewing someone that doesn’t meet your basic criteria. If they make a good impression in the interview, you’re free to say the magic words: “You’ve got the job!”


Tell us who you need


We source and screen suitable candidates


You interview the best ones

Get started with Giraffe

Giraffe has invited over 250,000 candidates for interview since 2015. Let us help you get the job done

You’re in good company

High-profile customers rely on Giraffe for automated high-volume recruitment
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Giraffe has been helping us with bulk recruitment for over two years. We have built a great relationship with the Giraffe team and rely on them to assist us with our recruitment daily. We have always received the best support from them. Keep up the great work!

- Somahya Calvert
Recruitment Manager, Clientele Life
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