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We noticed that a common issue facing the South African workforce is staff retention. Employers have positions to fill and job seekers need employment, so they often ‘take what they can get’. But this culture of job seekers settling for any job and employers settling for any candidate is problematic, as job seekers soon leave for a better opportunities or jobs closer to home.

When we founded Giraffe in 2015, we had one objective in mind and that was to tackle South Africa’s unemployment problem head on. Unemployment is arguably the biggest issue facing South African society today, with over 25% of the population lacking dependable income.

We’ve combined our love for tech with our need to do something good

Giraffe’s AI is built with this problem in mind, we can reduce attrition by empowering employers to fill their positions with better suited candidates the first time around.

To date Giraffe has invited over 250,000 candidates for interview. We’ve got the largest database of medium-skilled workers in South Africa and it’s growing every day. Giraffe’s mission is to give job seekers improved access to job opportunities, and to empower employers with access to quality candidates - and we’re using cutting edge tech to do just that.

What makes us tick?

Our core values

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Improve access to job opportunities

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Empower employers

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Use technology to bridge the gap

This is team Giraffe.

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