Giraffe is a job board that automatically screens candidates so you don’t have to

Here's how it works

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Step 1

Post a Job

Make a post online in 2 minutes! We’ll automatically create screening questions to get you the right candidate.

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Step 2

Giraffe screens candidates and identifies the best ones

Giraffe automatically screens candidates against your specific requirements- education, work experience, location, language etc.

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Step 3

Find the best candidates for the job first time around

Review candidate CVs, listen to their voice interviews and hire the best one!

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Questions we get asked often

How is Giraffe different from other job boards?

Job boards are often a pain to use. This is because once you post a job, you are flooded with hundreds of even thousands of applicants- many of whom are irrelevant or live far away from your workplace.

Unlike other job boards, Giraffe screens candidates so you don’t have to. Giraffe automatically passes or fails candidates as they apply. Giraffe also ensures that you only see candidates that live close by to your workplace. Giraffe even gets candidates to submit voice notes.

This means that you don’t have to spend hours screening through irrelevant candidates. Instead, you can quickly find candidates that meet your requirements- and even listen to how they sound.

Giraffe helps you find the best person for the job- faster and cheaper than any other way.

How does Giraffe work?

Unlike other job boards, Giraffe automatically screens candidates, so you don’t have to. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your job post. Giraffe automatically makes candidate screening questions as you make your job post
  2. Giraffe has a database of over 1 million candidates nationwide. Giraffe will target relevant candidates that live close to your work location and screen them using your customised screening questions
  3. Candidates who apply for your post will have the option of submitting a voice note
  4. When you log in to your dashboard, you can review candidates that have applied to your job post
  5. Giraffe will have automatically identified the candidates that passed your screening
  6. You can simply look at the candidates that have passed, and listen to their voice clips. This saves hours of screening through irrelevant candidates!
  7. Shortlist the candidates that you like (Giraffe does not contact these candidates)
  8. Invite the best candidates for interview
  9. Once you’ve hired the candidates you want, you can close your job post
How can I post a job?

Employers can post a job vacancy on Giraffe in just a few steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Post a Job” button on the top right-hand corner of your screen
  3. Sign up with your business email address
  4. Verify your business email address by clicking on the link in the email that we send you. Make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox
  5. Choose a pricing plan. If you are a large business with multiple vacancies, contact us to find out about our corporate plans- these can work out much cheaper than making single posts
  6. Click “Create a post” and follow the instructions
  7. Giraffe makes screening questions for you as you create your post
  8. After you create your post, it should be approved within one business day and go up on for candidates to apply to
  9. Candidates will apply, take the screening test and submit a voice clip
  10. You can then log in to your dashboard and quickly find the best candidates!
  11. Your post will be valid for 30 days unless specified otherwise
Can I post a job for free

Yes, your first post with Giraffe is free. To review the best pricing plan for your business:

What happens when a candidate clicks on my job post?

After your job post goes up, candidates will be able to apply as follows:

  1. Candidates will click on your job post
  2. They will then be asked the screening questions that are customised to your job requirements
  3. Giraffe passes or fails the applicant depending on the outcome of this screening
  4. Candidates will then submit a voice note- based on the question you have asked them
  5. Candidates will then appear in your dashboard, ready for you to contact them!
What roles can I use Giraffe to recruit for?

Giraffe has the largest base of medium-skilled candidates in South Africa. By ‘medium-skilled’ we mean anyone who would earn between R3,500 and R20,000 per month. This includes blue collar jobs like cashiers, drivers and factory workers, and also white collar roles like call centre agents, receptionists, customer service agents, sales agents and junior admin staff. We also have thousands of graduates and learners on our base.