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Automate the tasks your recruitment team shouldn't be doing

Let Giraffe do the work for you.

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Finding good talent is challenging

Use our online platform to access South Africa’s largest database of job-seekers

The perfect candidates are out there, you just need to know where to look. We built Giraffe to make finding them as easy as possible.

Our system sorts through thousands of CVs so you don’t have to
Screening candidates is time-consuming

Our system sorts through thousands of CVs so you don’t have to

Giraffe is powered by a custom-built AI that finds potential candidates based on your specific requirements.

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Employee retention is low

Find the best candidates for the job first time around

Our screening process has not only made the recruitment process easier and quicker but also more effective. Giraffe identifies better suited candidates living close to your workplace to combat every recruiter’s enemy - high staff turnover.

High volume recruitment, made simple.

Giraffe has invited over 250,000 candidates for interview since 2015. Let us help you get the job done.

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Questions we get asked often

What roles does Giraffe recruit for?

Giraffe has the largest database of medium-skilled workers in South Africa. By ‘medium-skilled’ we mean anyone who would earn between R3,000 and R15,000 per month. This includes blue collar roles like cashiers, drivers and factory workers, and also white collar roles like call centre agents, customer service agents, sales agents and junior admin staff. Giraffe focuses on bulk recruitment of medium-skilled staff across retail, banking and insurance, manufacturing, transport and other industries.

Is Giraffe a recruitment agency?

Simply put: no! Giraffe is recruitment made better. We don’t charge a hefty commission for every placement like a recruitment agency does. Giraffe is a fully-automated, mobile-based, high volume recruitment solution that provides on-demand access to large volumes of screened candidates to make recruitment easier than ever before.

How is Giraffe different from a job board?

The problem with job boards is the lack of screening - you post an ad and your inbox is soon flooded with irrelevant candidate applications. With Giraffe you have access to a large database of workers, but they are automatically screened so that only the relevant candidates are put forward.

How long does it take to find candidates?

Giraffe guarantees to source candidates within 48 hours of setting up your account. Giraffe is South Africa’s fastest recruitment solution.

Does Giraffe meet candidates in person?

No. Giraffe has built automated screening tools to rapidly source, contact and screen relevant candidates. Once you have identified the most suitable ones for your business, Giraffe automatically schedules interviews so that you can meet them in person. Our systems are automated which means that Giraffe can provide on-demand access to high volumes of screened candidates that meet your exact requirements - faster and more affordably than any traditional recruitment method.

How much does it cost?

Giraffe is completely free for jobseekers! For employers, Giraffe offers unlimited recruitment for a simple monthly fee. Your company’s fee depends on the complexity of your requirements and the number of work locations you have. Contact us for more details.